December 17th, 2011

Even I Can Wish….Can’t I?

As I have completed this semester in graduate school and I realize that I have one more semester left before graduation, people have been asking me have I thought about what I want for a graduation present or what willI do after graduation. I am always stumped when asked what do I want because it never really crosses my mind. ( I guess it is the side effects of being a former caregiver.). I figured I should start thinking about that kind of stuff right?
So, I sat down one day and thought of all things that I would love to have as a gift and believe it or not, there weren’t many material things I wanted to HAVE but a TON of things I wanted to do as well as people I wanted to meet. The list became one that I found interesting because what was on it showed exactly how diverse my tastes were in life. Not extravagant…just diverse.
Even though the things on my list are probably NEVER going to happen,my mom used to always say that God knows the desires of your heart. If that is indeed the case, I have come up with a wish list of people I would love to meet and things I would love to do as a way to congratulate myself for the hard work it has taken to work full time and complete graduate school. Something I would never have thought I could do without my biggest cheerleader…my mother.

My Wish List
1. Meet Stevie Wonder - everyone knows that he was my mom’s favorite singer and that I have begun what I call “The Ultimate Stevie Collection”. He would have to sings or anything.I just want to tell him thank you for bringing such joy to my Mother’s life though music.
2. Get a photo with James Carville “The Ragin’ Cajun”- what can I say? I love his take-no-prisoners attitude!
3. Meet and get a photo with Joe Gibbs - as far as I am concerned, he is one of the best coaches EVER! (Next to Tony Dungy,of course! LOL)
4. Have lunch with the remaining “Little Rock Nine” - it’s probably a longshot but I would LOVE to be close to history! And yes, lunch would be on me! :)
5. Talk to Michele Obama about Multiple Sclerosis - her Dad had it,my Mom had it. I think it would be a great conversation about caregiving and loved ones.
6. Meet Busta Rhymes - ok…. Y’all weren’t expecting this huh? Well, I love Busta although I was sad to see his dreadlocks go! Meeting him would be…WooooHaaaaa! LOL
7. Have an Essence Photo Shoot - they could make me look fabulous!!!! LOL
8. Ride Amtrak with Joe Biden - he probably doesn’t do this anymore now that he is a “big cheese” but VP Biden was one of the coolest people I have met so I am sure he would go for the idea! LOL
9. Visit the cast/writers on the set of Grimm - LOVE this show! The writers are GREAT and besides, I have never been to Seattle. :)
10. Have Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Help me with my family tree - now this! This would be phenomenal! I have been working my family tree since 2000 and have found some great information but his help would be PRICELESS!

So there you have it. I don’t ask for much, do I? LOLOL. I know they are just wishes but you never know…